Do you ever ask why you are performing that exercise?

Asking why one exercise is better than another or why you are doing a specific exercise is important to help you reach your goals. Every “why” question is important because the answer provides context to situation. When we design exercise programs for individuals there is a reason for every exercise. There are no “filler” exercises or ones that we plug in to make sure your workout takes up enough time.

We provide reasoning and purpose behind the exercises we have chosen compared to another exercise that would really make you tired and sore, but not specifically contribute to your goals. Exercises are chosen based on your initial assessment, your prior injuries, fitness level, physiological needs, and your specific fitness or lifestyle goals. We determine what exercises, sets, repetitions, and weight will help you reach your goals quickly and safely.

Often we see trainers give older clients the same exercise routine that they use without understanding how it can lead to an injury.  When you ask “why” we want to provide legitimate answers. “Just because” or “I don’t know” are unacceptable. This is why we have invested significant time, money, and energy in learning how the body works so we cane provide the exercise programs to improve your life.

Generic programs can fulfill some of your needs and goals, but to truly see progress it must be specific to you the individual. Performing the wrong exercise for your specific needs (even if your technique is perfect) might get you 40% of the way to your goal. Performing the best exercise for you (even if your form isn’t perfect) will get you 70% of the way to your goal because the right exercise works different muscles that are specific to you needs. Combine the right exercises with perfect technique and you will be looking for new goals since you will surpass the previous ones.

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