What you do today determines your health 10 years from now!

You own a beautiful car.

You let it sit out in the rain and snow year after year.
It slowly rusts, the paint fades, tires go flat and that once new car glow is replaced by something that once looked like a perfect car, but is now nothing more of a shadow of its best days long ago.

Someday you are going to restore that car, because you love it and it is the only vehicle you will ever own, but each year you wait to start the restoration, the job seems more and more impossible.
Wait!! Are we really talking about your car, or are we secretly talking about you and your level of fitness starting in your late 30s, 40s and beyond?

You and that old car have a lot more in common than you believe. Every year you wait to start getting your health back it becomes a harder, seemingly impossible task. If you are out of shape and feel bad about how you look at 38, then how do you think it will go when you are 48, after all those years of more rust, decay and those flats tires of yours that just keep drooping lower and lower every summer. There are no magic pills that fix all of the decay that comes with aging and inactivity.

Part of fitness is about “now.” Fitness for today is about how you feel in the morning, how you look in clothes, how confident you are in the world and the level of energy you find in yourself every day.

But the secret of fitness is that getting in shape is really about how you will live in the future. The workouts you do now will determine the quality of life you will have 10 years from today.

Fitness isn’t about getting in shape in 21 days and then you are done for the summer. True fitness is about laying a foundation now for a quality life in the years yet to come.

Come on people, get back in shape, find a real coach to tune you up, and remember that every day you wait will make your chance of ever finding your way back to health more challaenging.

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