The truth about fitness after 50

We’ve all seen the people on the cover of fitness magazines, with ripped abs, well defined arms, and perfect smiles. This person really looks like they have it all together and their life must be amazing….
The truth is they need to measure every bite of food they ingest, abstain from any indulgence, workout daily or even twice daily, and give up time spent with family and friends. They need to deal with feelings of hunger. They need tons of sleep to be able to handle their next workout. They can’t maintain this for very long, so no…they don’t always look like they did when that cover photo was taken.

Keep this in mind if you ever feel discouraged by those photos, and don’t forget about the power of digital editing!

The cool thing is it’s really not that hard to get into moderately good shape…. 2-3 good workouts a week and sneak in some veggies and fruit into your existing diet, reduce the excess complex carbs (I am not advocating removing them from your diet completely, just eat in moderation), and the same goes for alcohol.

It’s a little more work to get into pretty good shape, but can be done if that’s your goal…work out a little more each week, pay more attention to your portion sizes, and limit your indulgences.

Keep all this in mind and realize the magazine cover look is probably a pretty undesirable goal due to the sacrifices needed to get there. Instead of going all in for something that isn’t worth it, start with a minimalist mindset and realize that small steps sustained over time will get you to your goal.

Get more active any way you can. Take a 10 minute walk each day. Do 20 body weight squats and a plank before you shower each morning. It helps build in a healthy habit and builds momentum towards something even better, true health.

Look at your biggest nutrition challenge. Set a goal of one less beer or wine per day. Set a goal of 5 salads per week. Try keeping cooked lean protein in your fridge so you’re ready to whip up a healthier meal in 5 minutes or less. Same idea here, focus on one attainable goal for at least three weeks before moving onto bigger things.

I hope this helps you get through the grocery checkout line and past the magazine rack feeling a little better about where you are and where you can go with your fitness. It’s natural to fear failure and opt for staying where you’re at, but trust me, taking small steps forward towards a more realistic goal will quickly build your confidence and lead to a happier life.

Let me know if you need any help.

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