Are your genetics holding you back?

Genetics play a huge role in how we look, think and act. If you were born with a naturally muscular frame don’t expect to wake up looking like somebody who just naturally looks like a distance runner, it probably just isn’t going to happen.

However, research has shown that genetics are only 40% of your health. The other 60% is lifestyle (exercise and nutrition). The type of exercise you perform and how consistently you exercise combined with the quality and quantity of food you consume will determine the majority of your health.

A study several years ago looked at the genetics of sprinters. They found 17 genetic markers that predict that an individual has the potential to be a great sprinter. Comparing these markers to Olympic sprinters of the last 2 decades found that no one has all seventeen markers. The average number of markers for most Olympic sprinters was 11, and this was also the same number of genetic markers that the author of the story had for being a sprinter.

Why did one individual become an Olympic sprinter and another with the same genetic potential become a writer that did not exercise? Motivation and the desire to become a sprinter. Your true physical potential can only be realized with a good exercise program designed for your needs and goals combined with consistent work towards your dreams.

While genetics can affect your outcomes, it is not the main factor that decides your health. Your choice to exercise and eat health determines your ability to reach your goals!

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