Why your Metabolism is important!

Muscle = metabolism. Starting from age 30 we lose 1/2 lb of muscle per year unless we do some type of exercise to retain our muscle mass. This means that every year our metabolism slowly decreases and we gain fat, even if we are not eating more food. People spend a lot of money to buy supplements to increase their metabolism in an effort to lose weight, when the most effective form of increasing your metabolism is to add muscle.

Add Muscle – A study from Ohio University took out of shape 60 to 75 year old men and placed them on a regular weight training program for 4 months. The men lost body fat and gain muscle, this changed their metabolism to match those of much younger men. Many people believe that they cannot add muscle as we age, but numerous studies have proven that to be incorrect. You can build muscle at any age (male or female), it just easier to add muscle when we are younger.

Burn More Calories – Adding a couple of pounds of muscle will increase the total number of calories that you burn everyday, even on the days that you are not active. This will help you reach your health and fitness goals sooner and maintain your weight better. Some form of weight training 3 times per week using every major muscle group will not only burn calories while you are exercising, but also cause your body to continue burning more calories throughout the rest of the day.

Sleep Better – A working body demands more rest. According to the National Sleep foundation, 10 minutes of exercise daily will dramatically improve the quality of your sleep. A good nights sleep is essential to metabolizing carbohydrates. If you are not burning those carbs, then your body will store them as fat in places we do not want!

Our bodies are built to move and keep moving. As we age our muscle mass is an important factor in our ability to carry out daily tasks. Maintaining your body with proper exercise helps to ensure it can perform the task you need and enjoy in your life.

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