What the number on the scale cannot tell you.

We often work with people who believe the number on the scale is the key to happiness, and their ideal body. Unfortunately, it is only one form of measurement that does not account for many other parameters. It will not show you the bigger picture of your health and fitness. It will not show how you feel or look, it is simply a number that represents the forces of gravity upon your body.
Important things the scale cannot tell you:
1. Your Weight Fluctuates Each Day
If you weigh yourself daily you will notice the number fluctuate 3-5 pounds, this is normal. While we recommend weighing yourself at the same time of day and under the same conditions (mornings, after you have gone to the bathroom and before you have had anything to eat or drink) there will be normal daily fluctuations. Hormones and sodium can both play a significant role in water retention day to day. If you weigh yourself later in the day then you are also weighing everything you have had to eat or drink, and a gallon of water weighs 8 pounds.
2. Your Weight Does Not Always Show Your Health
If a person is thin, it does not automatically mean they are healthy. A heavier person may have better health markers due to their lifestyle choices. Do you eat the correct amount of fruits and vegetables every day? What is your blood pressure, your blood glucose level, or your resting heart rate? These numbers will show how healthy your body is internally. Do not let the scale be your gauge of health.
3. Your Body Composition Changes
Why the number on the scale doesn’t matter. Your body composition, the muscle to fat ratio, is a better indicator of your health and fitness level. If you have a lower fat percentage then you have less fat and more muscle. This number is more important and there are specific healthy ranges for men and women.
4. Muscle is more dense than Fat
You build muscle when you exercise, which is more physically dense than fat. This means that if you lose 5 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle, the scale will not change, but the size of your body will be smaller. Muscle will help boost your metabolism so you can burn fat, even at rest.
5. Your Clothes Tell the Truth
Instead of determining whether you are getting results based on the scale, look at how your clothes fit. If you clothes fit well, then the number on the scale is not important. Let your clothes be the gauge in deciding if your hard work dieting and exercising is paying off!
Most clients have a pre-defined number as to what they think their weight should be, based on a previous weight when they were the happiest with their body. You are not alone if the number on the scale can make or break your day. Stop focusing on your weight and start concentrating on adopting a healthier lifestyle.

The most important aspect of lifestyle changes is how you feel. It is about your natural energy levels and the way your clothes fit. Can you perform normal daily activities, including recreational pursuits, without any pain or need of further conditioning?
The most important things that the scale cannot tell you is:
How great of a person you are
Your self-worth
Your power to choose your happiness
And that you are loved!
If you need help making changes to your health or have any questions or comments, please contact us.
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